Cachly 7.0 — Features and Release Date

Cachly 7.0 has finished development and we are working on the finishing touches including translations and App Store screenshot updates.

Release Date

Cachly 7.0 will be released on August 3rd at 8am Pacific Time. Make sure to check the App Store for the update if you do not have automatic updates turned on.

Dark Mode with Dark Maps

The entire interface of Cachly can now be used in iOS Dark Mode. This includes dark maps for Apple, Google and beautifully styled dark Premium Offline Maps.

Live Search Filtering Templates

Save a set of live filter options as a template which can be loaded and used for the current search. These templates also sync to other devices using iCloud.

Show All Waypoints

You now have the option to see all waypoints of all caches loaded for live or for offline lists.

Geocaching HQ Solution Checker

Caches that include the solution checker can now check and submit solutions right in Cachly and update the corrected coordinates for that cache.

Trackables Auto-visit List

You can now configure a list of trackables to be automatically logged with each cache.

Apple Watch Updates

7.0 brings our largest update to the Cachly watch app.

  • Redesign listing and cache details
  • Cache details should show placed date
  • Logging screen shows log text after voice to text
  • Details screen shows log cache and new options button
  • Logs
  • Photos
  • Attributes
  • Waypoints
  • Personal Note
  • Favorite Points on listing and details
  • Premium cache indicator
  • Show GC code on listing
  • Online Lists
  • Support for Corrected Coordinates

Help & Support: New in-app Help and Website

Brand new in-app help system provides quick and easy access to Cachly support articles as well as a companion help website.

Settings: Reorganized Into Sections with Search

Finding the right setting is now much easier with reorganized sections and search.

Additional Features

  • Adventure Lab: Save in offline list
  • Archived caches should not be allowed to show cache radius
  • Cache Radius: Physical Waypoints should show radius
  • Cache Waypoints: Icon circles should use colors to differentiate types
  • Dropped Pin: Show Google Street View option if available
  • Edit Trackable Logs
  • Elevation: Show elevation for caches on additional details and on dropped pin callouts
  • Import GPX: GSAK County field imported
  • Import GPX: Option to upload corrected coordinates and personal notes to
  • Import GPX: Option to upload posted coordinates even if GPX is missing corrected coordinates
  • Import Settings: Lock Found Status to prevent overwriting of found status
  • Imported Adventure Labs: Option to mark as found on details screen
  • Imported Waymark: Log option should allow “Open in Waymarkly” to open Waymarkly for logging
  • Live Filter Options uses iOS 13 cards style modal
  • Live Filtering: Allow Cache placed and published date to be 6 months in future
  • Live Map Search History
  • Live: Long press filter button to show available filter templates
  • Log Keywords: New keyword that excludes log found drafts
  • Log Message Photos: Allow adding photos from Personal Notes/iCloud
  • Logs: Long press title to copy
  • Logs: Show user find counts
  • Logs: Show which log favorited cache
  • Long Press Map Layers should have option button in menu to hold additional toggle options
  • Long Press Map Layers to show toggle corrected coordinates option
  • Long Press Map Layers: Toggle Cache Radius option
  • Long Press on cache callout or list view item to show navigate to cache option
  • Message Center: Open in Cachly Safari view rather than iOS Safari
  • More > Import GPX: Option to import from iCloud/Files
  • Navigate to cache: auto-zoom as you get closer to ground zero
  • Offline Filtering: Date Hidden, Day
  • Offline Filtering: Has Personal Note Images
  • Offline Filtering: Has Solution Checker
  • Offline Filtering: Image Text
  • Offline Lists: Image screen swipe down to load images from API
  • Offline: If county loaded for cache, save that in DB
  • Personal Note: Cancel editing changes
  • Personal Note: If solution checker, tapping coordinates should show Check Solution option
  • Premium Offline Maps: Settings option to customize showing POI types on map
  • Project Waypoint: Add Notes field to allow pasting of text to use in direction and distances
  • Proximity Alert: Option to include finds and hides (off by default)
  • Routing Providers: Google Maps should show cache name and GC code for target cache
  • Settings: GPX imported labs should be visually marked as imported (default off)
  • Settings: Option to ignore corrected coordinate location on map (use with geoart)
  • Settings: Option to prevent delete all offline lists
  • TB Scanner: Scanned TB code should query the API for cache code it is in
  • Trackable Additional Details: Show owner username
  • Trackable Logs should use new bulk logs upload API
  • Waypoint Callout: If parent cache available show cache name in options
  • Waypoint Callout: Show parent cache code in title
  • Waypoints Screen: Updated icons

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