Cachly 8.0

6 min readMar 15, 2024

Cachly 8.0 is feature complete and we are working on some of the finishing touches such as last minute tweaks and translations.

Release Date

Cachly 8.0 will be released on April 8th, 2024 at 10am Pacific Time.

Cachly Pro

Cachly Pro is a new premium subscription for Cachly that includes a set of powerful features for all geocachers.

Cachly Pro dialog

Cachly will continue to provide minor enhancements and bug fixes to all users. The new Cachly Pro, supported by a subscription fee, not only empowers the development of exciting new features but also contributes to the sustainable growth of our services. The subscription fee helps cover the essential operational and maintenance expenses for servers and map hosting, enhancing the overall user experience. Cachly Pro is optional. The original app purchase price (one time cost) will continue to cover existing features, minor enhancements, and bug fixes in future releases.

In addition to the two Cachly Pro subscription options, there is a new Offline Maps Only option if a user would only like to use Offline Maps but none of the other Pro features. The Offline Maps Only subscription option will allow users to download new maps and ongoing map updates.


Pricing varies depending on your currency, but for USD the subscription pricing is as follows:

  • Monthly: $1.99/month
  • Yearly: $14.99/year
  • Offline Maps Only: $4.99/year

Learn more about pricing in other currencies.

All subscriptions include a 7-day free trial.

If you previously purchased one of the “Maps Supporter” in-app purchases you can continue to use the offline maps that are on your device.

Learn more about Cachly Pro and what is changing with subscriptions.

Pro Offline Maps — Base Map Updates

Base maps are the general features that make up map styles such as forests, grasslands, snow, rock, oceans and labels.

Base map updates
  • World landcover
  • World country names
  • Continent names
  • Country names
  • State and province names
  • Capital and important city names
  • Ocean names
  • Equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn

Pro Offline Maps — Bold Colors

Brighter and bolder colors are available for all road types. This was created to closely match Ordnance Survey map colors in the UK.

Bold colors

Pro Offline Maps — Offline Searching

User can now search for map features of offline maps, all while completely offline. Searching is contained to what you see on the screen, so make sure to set your target area by zooming in or out.

Note: Offline Searching can be performed on the Live tab when an offline map is selected.

Offline searching

Pro Offline Maps — Trail Symbols, Colors & Distance

Offline maps now show trail colors and symbols for trails that have that information. This data comes from Open Street Maps and is part of the osmc:symbol tag. This option can be turned off.

Trails with colors and distances.

Learn more about additional Pro Offline Map features.

Pro: Counties/Regions

For those that are interested in County hunting, Cachly now has a built-in tracker for each county. Counties/regions are available for the following countries: Australia, Austria, France, Germany, United Kingdom and United States.


Counties can be imported from a My Finds GPX, GPX files and Offline Lists. County finds are also added when you log a find in Cachly.

Pro: DeLorme Challenge Grid

For those that are interested in DeLorme challenges, Cachly now has a built-in tracker for each state.

Delorme challange

DeLorme can be imported from a My Finds GPX, GPX files and Offline Lists. DeLorme finds are also added when you log a find in Cachly.

Pro: Live Map

Cachly Pro introduces the new Live Map option for loading caches automatically as you move around the map. While this option is engaged, caches will automatically load as you move around the map.

When this feature is turned on, Cachly can track your location and load caches while driving or traveling along a route.

Live loading maps

Online Drafts

Cachly can now manage your online drafts by making edits, adding images and allowing you to submit the log(s).

Updated User Interface

8.0 brings a modern feel to Cachly’s user interfaces with more rounded corners and fewer hard lines.


  • Map Layer Settings: Option to turn on/off trail colors and symbols
  • Navigate to Cache: Option to share cache location
  • Improved Local Location/Place Searching
  • Navigate to Cache: support
  • Live Filtering: State, Provinces and Country offer a new picker that includes a search field
  • Live Filtering: Option to choose Provinces
  • Proximity Alert: Additional sound options
  • Proximity Alert: Sounds option added to main Settings
  • Filtering Funnel Icon: Long press toggle enables filtering to turn on and off
  • Live Search Filtering: Option to set search radius
  • Adventure Labs: Owned and Found now show owned icon and smiley
  • Found Smiley: Shows gray color if cache is archived
  • Ignore Corrected Coordinates: Visual indicator to let users know they have turned this on
  • Live Search: Tapping reload button again gives option to cancel search


  • Logs Tab: My logs show favorite heart for logs that user favorited
  • Logs Tab: Cache type icon used instead of avatar image
  • Logs: Own logs show “Great story” and “Helpful” buttons but do not allow upvoting
  • Update log type names for Needs Maintenance and Needs Archived
  • Date keywords — Military time format added
  • Keywords: Trackable logs have keywords available

Offline Lists

  • Offline List Filtering: County
  • Offline List Filtering: County pre-populated list from offline list
  • Offline List: Tools option to generate counties for list (Pro)
  • Offline List: Long press delete option on a cache offers “Delete from all” and “Remove from all” options if in multiple lists.


  • Import GPX: Dropbox and Google Drive use Files app
  • Import GPX: Append personal note option
  • Import GPX: Support for groundspeak:personal_note

Apple Watch

  • Apple Watch App: Archived or Disabled caches show strike-through in cache name
  • Apple Watch App: Cachly complication added for Infographic styles

Other Features

  • App Store Requirement: Option to Delete Account
  • Copy Coordinates: Choose from 3 different formats for copying
  • Wherigo: Option to download cartridge if Wherigo app is installed
  • Settings: Option to choose from up to 6 recently used maps with Map Tile long press (under Map Options & Navigation).
  • More Tab: User profile is larger and shows find count
  • Personal Note: Taking photo then attaching to note saves the photo to Camera Roll
  • User Profile: Favorite points awarded and available are shown
  • PQ Settings: Option to only download smaller GPX .zip instead of full data (update full data later in offline list)
  • Custom Geocache: Description allows multiple lines of text
  • New iOS date picker
  • More Tab: Option to purchase Cachly shirts & other swag
  • More Tab: What’s New can be viewed

Coming in Cachly 8.1

CarPlay — Pro

After years of waiting, CarPlay support is finally coming to Cachly. You will be able to browse your lists, navigate to caches, use Siri to create logs and much more.

Multiple User Logging — Pro

For users that want to log for multiple accounts, this will allow you to add up to 10 accounts, write unique logs for each account or use text templates.

Location Tracking/Importing — Pro

Users will be able to record their track as they move around locating geocaches and also import GPX tracks.

Cachly now requires iOS 14.